Lotterer and Porsche Dominate at Season-Opener Halftime”

Porsche leads Peugeot at halfway point of season-opener in Qatar race, with Lotterer in front and AF Corse Ferrari leading the LMGT3 class. Key incidents include Peugeot passing Ferrari, Jota Porsche dropping to fourth, and Toyota struggling early on. Cadillac and BMW also face challenges, while Isotta Fraschini experiences mechanical problems. LMGT3 class sees AF Corse Ferrari take the lead, ahead of Manthey Porsche and Aston Martin. Corvette Z06.R faces gearbox troubles during the race. #54 Vista AF Corse Ferrari leads the LMGT3 class with drivers Thomas Flohr, Francesco Castellacci, and Davide Rigon.

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