Cadillac V-Series.R LMDh: The Challenge of Power at Daytona

Sebastien Bourdais, driver of the #1 Ganassi-run Cadillac Racing entry, acknowledges the Cadillac V-Series.R LMDh is fast on outright pace for the race, but concerns exist about its power disadvantage, especially in the final stages. Bourdais is worried about the car’s “raceability” and thinks that being the lightest car also makes it the least powerful. He believes that at Daytona, power is crucial, particularly in the closing stages. The Cadillac V-Series.R may be lacking in top speed compared to its rivals, and Bourdais has noticed this while interacting with other cars on the circuit. Despite starting from the front row, the car’s lighter weight and lower power output could be a disadvantage, especially in a sprint to the finish.

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