Motor Racing Families: Different Paths

Motorsport legends like Carlos Sainz Sr., Niki Lauda, and Stirling Moss have offspring who’ve made a name in racing through different disciplines. Famous on this list are Carlos Sainz Sr. and Carlos Sainz Jr., both known in Rally and Single-seaters, and Niki Lauda and Mathias & Lukas Lauda – with Lauda known in Single-seaters, Sportscars, and Rally Raid while Mathias traveled to Touring cars and Sportscars and Lukas, a rally racer.Handled. Other great father-son pairs include Nigel Albon and Alex Albon, Mick Doohan and Jack Doohan, John Button and Jenson Button, Stig Blomqvist and Tom Blomqvist, Henrik Lundgaard and Christian Lundgaard and Franz Wurz and Alexander Wurz. A sibling duo are Lewis Hamilton and Nicolas Hamilton and Max Chilton and Tom Chilton, Lewis in Single-seaters and Nicolas in Touring Cars, and Max with IndyCars and Tom with Touring Cars. Then there are Stirling Moss and Pat Moss, Stirling known in Single-seaters and Pat in Rally.

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