Formula E: Diriyah E-Prix II Race Results

Mitchell claimed victory in the Diriyah E-Prix II race, taking the lead early on and maintaining his position at the head of the field throughout the 36-lap race. Fellow front row stater Frijns took the lead initially, but Cassidy overtook him after taking his first Attack Mode activation. Cassidy comfortably maintained the lead, backing Frijns into the chasing pack as Rowland, Hughes, Vandoorne, and Fenestraz followed. Reigning champion Jake Dennis struggled to make progress from his starting position of 14th, finishing 10th on-the-road but being handed a five-second penalty for passing under yellow flags. Despite this, Dennis claimed the fastest lap in the race. Overall, the race largely settled down after the initial maneuvers, with the top three of Cassidy, Frijns, and Rowland retaining their positions.

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