Ferrari’s 2024 F1 Reserves and Developments

Ferrari’s 24-race schedule has prompted the team to add more options to its F1 reserve role. Drivers Giovinazzi and Shwartzman will be involved in the World Endurance Championship, limiting their availability. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Ollie Bearman will be on standby at F1 weekends and is eligible for further FP1 sessions with either Ferrari or Haas. Arthur Leclerc, despite leaving the Ferrari Driver Academy, is a Maranello development driver and will have his first taste of F1 power in Barcelona. The team will kick start its 2024 track programme with a three-day Pirelli tyre test in Barcelona, featuring both race and development drivers. The team will also launch its 2024 car in Maranello on 13 February.

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